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The best knife I have ever used and worth every penny. You will notice the quality of the FieldTorq Super Tool the second you pick it up. With over 20 years of hunting experience I can honestly say the FieldTorq Super Tool is a game changer. I have used this knife on 11 Elk and at least 14 deer over the past several years. It’s fast, easy, never cuts the gut, and cuts though pelvic and breast bones like butter.  Plus I haven’t needed to sharpened it once! It has always been sharp and has worked great. Finally this year I did notice it was not as sharp as it used to be after using it on two more cow elk, but until now I haven’t noticed it needing any attention. I called Chris with a couple of sharpening questions and he was very prompt on returning my call and pleasant to deal with. Customer support is second to none! You will NOT be disappointed, Just Do it!

Craig – Detroit Lakes, MN



I highly recommend this knife!
Amazing knife, outstanding quality, outstanding customer service! Makes field dressing deer a breeze and no longer have to fight the pelvic bone. When cutting the wind pipe don’t have to worry about cutting yourself, I highly recommend this knife to any outdoorsman or woman. I have one and just bought four for Christmas gifts!

Thad Weigel

If you’re on the fence about buying this tool, quit wondering and just buy it!
Wow! Got my order in the mail Thursday morning, that evening a friend trapped a wild boar on their lease and didn’t care to process it, so we were gifted a nice fat hog. All I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE from my (formerly) favorite old knife! Especially cutting through the pelvic bone and sternum. It was easy, fast, accurate and didn’t cut into anything that needed to remain uncut.

Harold Crumbie

Highly recommend this awesome knife!
First Deer…Knife was awesome. About four minutes to gut and would recommend this knife to any hunter.
Thank you Chris.

Second Deer…Once again amazing knife. Pelvis was like cutting threw butter. Highly recommend this knife.

Travis Moore

Hands down the best knife!
Hands down the best knife for gutting any big game animal! Easy to use and cuts right through pelvic bone. Have purchased 3 so far, and still not disappointed at all!! Highly recommended.

Nate Golden

Friends watched and bought one too!
I bought the FieldTorq Super Tool at the Deer Classic in Iowa. I love this knife! I have used it on wild hogs, deer, and coyotes and have done several animals and it’s still razor sharp! My friends watched me use it and now they have one as well!

M. Rains


Game Changer…Ordered two more.
I used to dread the sternum and pelvic bones, but this knife changed the game. Used it for the first time this year and it made the initial cuts and gutting much easier too. Ordered two more for my sons. Great hunting tool!

Kenneth Wolfe

Try one, you won’t be disappointed.
One of the best investments I have made for hunting. It’s very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about cutting the guts or having a saw with you to cut the pelvic bone. I now own two of these. Try one you won’t be disappointed.

Christopher Glydewell

The best tool I’ve ever bought!
The best tool I’ve ever bought to help with the field dressing process of big game, easy to use and affordable!

Cullen Baker

Stays sharp and works better than any other knife I’ve used.
I’ve had my FieldTorq Super Tool for 5 seasons now and have gutted multiple Iowa deer every season as well as hogs on our farm and have yet needed to sharpen the blade. Every chance I get I encourage people to buy one…they won’t be disappointed. Works better than any other knife I’ve used – it’s faster, safer, and you end up with a cleaner carcass. Thank you!

Matthew C Petersen

Whitetail Deer

10 pt buck

Performed flawlessly…Couldn’t be happier!
Bought the FieldTorq Super Tool at the Great American Outdoor Show last February and have been looking forward to trying it out. Luckily, I was able to do so on opening day of gun season. I was more than impressed with the knife. It performed flawlessly, especially for what I primarily bought it for – splitting the pelvis. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

Dan Vredenburgh

Safe, fast, and easy to use.
My wife purchased the FieldTorq Super Tool for me as a birthday present. At first I didn’t know what to think of it. After doing some research on it and using it out in the field, I am quite pleased with how easy and fast you can gut out a big game animal. I think the best and most important feature is how safe it is. This will be on my belt loop from now on when ever I am hunting and I will be recommending FieldTorq Products to all my family members and friends who hunt or who are looking for a gift for a hunter. Since my wife got me one of the best hunting tools for the field, that means I have to get her something really nice.

Jim B.



Worth every penny!!
I bought this to simplify the process of field dressing whitetail. This has made the process, which I normally do by myself much easier, and has also cut down the time it takes me to get my harvest out of the woods. Great build quality, and great steel. Worth every penny!!

John Gibson

Cut my gutting time in half!
I have to admit I was skeptical about the capability of the FieldTorq Super Tool. I am fairly proficient at gutting an animal. I did not think there was much better than the Gerber tool that I had used for the last 8 years. Boy was I wrong. You have created a master piece. The knife was incredible. It cut my 10 minute gutting time in half! It was a thing of beauty watching it cut through the hide. Thank you for such an incredible tool. You have really simplified the gutting experience. You were a true gentlemen to deal with and I will be recommending this knife to all my fellow hunters. I wish you the best and thank you again for such a great knife.

Sean Culp

Whitetail Deer


I’m a guide and we highly recommend the FieldTorq Super Tool.
I’m a guide for Hero’s Hunt for Veterans and we purchased several of the FieldTorq Super Tools at a trade show. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after guiding Chris (owner of FieldTorq Products and US Army veteran) on a successful whitetail hunt and seeing it in use I was convinced. I got to use the FieldTorq Super Tool today myself and I have to say it’s the best, safest, and most innovative knife I’ve ever used. We highly recommend them!

David Vogel. Guide at Hero’s Hunt for Veterans

I’m a Pro-Staffer for Crossbow Warriors and the FieldTorq Super Tool is an awesome field dressing tool.
I’m on the pro-staff for a group called Crossbow Warriors and bought the FieldTorq Super Tool 3+ yrs ago, it’s an awesome field dressing get the hang of it very quickly…The blade stays sharp and when you do need to resharpen, the included sharpener works great…I highly recommend this tool to everybody!

Mike T.

Field dressed over 75 deer in 3 days with the FieldTorq Super Tool–worked better than any other knife the team was using!
I am a Metropark Ranger and a member of the DMT (deer management team). I used the FieldTorq Super Tool to dress out over 75 deer on a three day cull. It out-performed every other knife and tool the team used.
Great tool!

Kevin Repeta

Easy and Fast!
Got the FieldTorq Super Tool after seeing it on Wild TV and using a buddies. It keeps it’s edge and makes field dressing easy and fast. With the FieldTorq Super Tool, the work is done with no cut fingers and no inadvertent punctures.


Great knife!
Great knife for cutting hide, pelvic bone, and ribs effortlessly. I don’t leave home without it on my belt. Used it 6 times. Great tool.

L. Schlahs – Alberta, Canada

Whitetail Deer


Gutting done in less than 5 minutes and NO MESS!
What an awesome tool the FieldTorq Super Tool is! Yesterday morning I got to use the FieldTorq Super Tool for the first time. I field dressed the deer in under five minutes with no mess. It cut cleanly through the pelvic bone in 10-15 seconds and it also cut through the sternum in another 10 seconds. No need for any other tools or knives. This knife is all you need. Thank you FieldTorq Products for producing a high quality, useful, common sense hunting product. Now I actually look forward to field dressing!

Ken Hough

AWESOME knife!
I got two of the FieldTorq Super Tools, one for myself and one for my brother-in-law. Both of us have used them for the past two years…AWESOME knife! Anyone that has seen us use it has said they need to get one.

Greg Grinnell – Michigan

All I can say is Wow!  Worth every penny!
Used my FieldTorq Super Tool for the first time this year and all I can say is… Wow! It is everything you said it would be. It cut that nasty job in half. It was worth every penny!

Dave Waldinger

Borrowed it, now bought one of my own.
Used my father-in-law’s FieldTorq Super Tool in Ontario this year to gut a black bear and then again just last week to dress a large whitetail! Smooth operations during both! I have to give my father-in-law’s back, so, today I ordered my own!

Rob Birk-Peshtigo, WI

Makes quick work of the rib cage and pelvis.
Purchased the FieldTorq Super Tool two years ago and have used it on several whitetails the past couple of seasons. It makes quick work of the rib cage and pelvis. General field dressing is a breeze too. My hunting buddies were skeptical at first, but watching me dress a big doe changed their minds quickly. Just bought another. Thank you!

Pete Stryjewski

5 Cow elk and still sharp. Buddies were in awe.
My Son gave me the FieldTorq Super Tool for Father’s Day and I was fascinated by the design. Our group in CO this year had success with 5 cow Elk. A few flips of the blade and unzipping the bounty was smooth and the “V”-designed blade made the guys with me just stand back and ogle at the ease and cleanliness of cutting the hide, pelvis, and windpipe. Your design is very unique, safe, effective, and very user friendly!

Bill Terry

Easy to use.
This year I have gutted 6 deer with this knife and it is easy to use.

T. Potter

Makes bone saws obsolete!
Great knife! Works better than the videos show and gets through pelvic and sternum in short order. This knife has made field dressing saws obsolete….and the quality and design are second to none.

Greg M. – Ontario, Canada

Black Bear

Testimonial Bear

An engineering marvel.
Love this knife! As an engineer I appreciate a well designed piece of equipment and I’m amazed with this knife. Quite frankly it’s an engineering marvel the way it optimally cuts hide, flesh, and bone. I typically used a short knife for cutting inside the game and placed my finger over the tip so as not to nick any of the intestines. With this knife I can now do that very safely. As well as being able to cut my way through any bones. I like how this knife fits in my hand and has a good balance. Like I said, this is a well designed knife right down to the sharpener and the sheath.

Gary – Wisconsin

Fantastic tool and easy to use.
Using the FieldTorq Super Tool is like pulling a zipper….. It’s easier than easy use. Thank you for creating a FANTASTIC tool.

Tom S – Tennessee

Fast and worked well for skinning too.
I first saw the FieldTorq Super Tool on Wild TV and thought it looked like a good product so I ordered one. The first time I used it the gutting time was cut in half. I used to use a saw to split the pelvis and breast bones and would always worry about poking a hole in the stomach or bladder. The FieldTorq Super Tool worked so slick for this with no worries, just like a can opener… It also worked very well for skinning too. A very solid knife. I now have both models.

Kevin H. – Alberta, Canada

Finally got to use the FieldTorq Super Tool…AMAZING!!! Just wanted to send my regards and thank you for this amazing tool!

Agustin M. – California

2 Elk, 2 Mulies, & 1 Antelope…still sharp, and very safe to use.
Chris, I am a long time elk hunter and enjoy hunting in the Western states. Recently, I used your FieldTorq Super Tool during a Montana archery hunt with my brothers and friends. It was a productive trip yielding 2 elk, 2 mule deer and 1 antelope. Your knife performed extremely well and is handy to use. We found the unique design to be safer than working with a standard straight blade in the tight quarters of the chest cavity. We never needed to resharpened it…2 elk, 2 mule deer, and an antelope without resharpening…Amazing!

John H. – Wisconsin

Blade Magazine, tested on 40 deer…Amazing, easy to use, held it’s edge.
We used the FieldTorq Super Tool on 40 deer. This is an amazing field dressing knife. Not only is it easy to use, but it held its edge unbelievably well. It was used on 28 deer before needing to be re-sharpened. Congratulations on a well thought-out, high functioning product!

Dusty Reid – Wisconsin (Hunt’s End Deer Ranch, BLADE Magazine)

You have no idea what you’re missing out on!
I used my FieldTorq Super Tool on two deer that were taken last weekend. If there is a hunter out there that doesn’t have this superlative instrument you have no idea what you are missing. The speed, handling, and cleanliness of cleaning game with this tool is phenomenal! In my years of hunting and field dressing, this knife handled all of the chores with unbelievable speed and neatness. I had to make sure I had my knife in my hand when we were done. My friends wanted to take it! Fantastic tool!

Frank S – Tennessee

Safe, fast, clean, easy to use, compact, & eliminates the need for multiple tools.
I had the privilege of meeting Chris and his unique knife at an UFFDA hunt this past weekend. After watching Chris field dress a small doe and a mature buck, myself and the other guides present were wowed. I will own this knife.
High quality, compact, safe, easy to use, and eliminates the need to carry multiple tools for field dressing. One other big thing, it is extremely clean. Your meat processor will love you. It simplifies field dressing.

Scott V. Guide for the United Foundation For Disabled Archers
  1. I had the privilege of meeting Chris and his unique knife at an UFFDA hunt this past weekend. After watching Chris field dress a small doe and a mature buck, myself and the other guides present were wowed. I will own this knife.
    High quality, compact, safe, easy to use, and eliminates the need to carry multiple tools for field dressing. One other big thing, it is extremely clean. Your meat processor will love you. It simplifies field dressing.

    *Pic of buck dressed using the FieldTorq knife.

    Posted by Scott V. Guide for the United Foundation For Disabled Archers
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