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Why FieldTorq Super Tools are the Best Big Game Field Dressing Tools

Posted on: July 7th, 2021

why supertools are the bestIf you are unfamiliar with the design of the FieldTorq Super Tool, you’ll think it looks like an oversized can opener…and you would be partially right.  The gut hook shape is exactly that with the longer blade under the skin. Flip it over and now it looks like a can-opener that is ideal for cutting through pelvic and sternum bones.  It works effortlessly on every big game animal, even elk!  It all makes perfect sense when you see the FieldTorq Super Tool in action.


The can opener look is more than just unique. The design helps make field dressing faster, easier, and cleaner. Additionally, you no longer need extra tools that can be bulky, heavy, and an extra thing to clean.  The FieldTorq Super Tool will smoothly cut the pelvic and sternum bones with reliable can-opener-like precision without nicking the bladder, making it the only field dressing knife in this category.

Multi-Functional Big Game Field Dressing Tool

  • The oversized gut hook makes a smooth, clean cut from sternum to pelvis in just a few seconds.
  • The can-opener-like function cuts through pelvic and sternum bones with ease…and no bone chips, broken blades, or punctured bladder.
  • For skinning, use the longer blade just as you would a regular knife, but remember, you can cut hide quickly and easily using the gut hook feature.

This All-in-One capability puts the FieldTorq Super Tool in a class of its own.  See what other hunters are saying.

Fixed Blade

The FieldTorq Super Tool has a fixed continuous radius blade that you never have to worry about breaking, losing, or not being able to sharpen. It’s made of 8CR14MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel and expertly heat treated to 58 Rockwell. It will stay sharp for up to 20 field dressings before it needs to be resharpened and it comes with a sharpener for easy resharpening.

Orange handle set Deer Field dressing toolsAccessories and Handle Options

Not only does the FieldTorq Super Tool do the job of multiple field dressing tools, but it also comes with everything you need, including a premium genuine leather or nylon sheath, a ceramic sharpener, and a Torq Assist. All parts are interchangeable and replacement accessories are readily available from the manufacturer’s website.

There are three handle options to choose from as well. Choose between a beautiful dark wood grain Pakkawood handle; a durable high visibility blaze orange made of Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN); or the beautiful, natural-looking synthetic Stag version with a premium genuine leather sheath for the ultimate classic look in a modern design.

Bottom Line?

From gutting, bone-cutting, and skinning, one tool does it all safer, faster, and cleaner than any other knife.   The FieldTorq Super Tool has it all. Order yours today!

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