Knife Accessories

Find all the accessories you need for the best field dressing tool available!

Now available – FieldTorq sheaths to safely carry and store a FieldTorq Knife. Our sheaths are available in two materials, leather, and nylon. If you are looking for an original look, check out the leather sheath. Do you like something simpler and more industrial? The Ballistic Nylon Sheath is for you. Also, we offer replacement packs of Torq Assists. We understand they are easy to lose and eventually wear out. Find a 3-pack of replacements for both blade sizes of our knives, 3.8mm & 4.2mm.

If your FieldTorq Gutting Tool becomes dull after multiple uses, we have a sharpener designed specifically for the FieldTorq! Easily get your gutting tool back in shape.

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