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Best Field Dressing Tool for All Experience Levels

Posted on: March 22nd, 2022


Best Field Dressing Tool for All Experience levelsNo matter who you are, field-dressing big game can be especially challenging if you don’t have the right tool for the job.

How many times have you seen someone…not you of course, use an axe, saw, tree loppers, or God forbid a rock on the back side of a Super Tool blade to separate the pelvic bone for easier removal of the entrails?  Improper use of tools leads to unnecessary injuries, broken equipment, and more often than not, a HUGE mess!  Remember, those coveted inside tenderloins taste much better when not marinated in ruptured bladder or intestines.

The FieldTorq Super Tool is hands-down the winner in the field dressing Super Tool category.  It’s a masterfully designed all-in-one gutting tool that was optimized for cutting pelvic and sternum bones, gut hooking cleanly, and performing all Super Tool functions.  It’s quickly becoming the #1 choice for seasoned professionals and beginners alike. It comes in a lightweight, compact kit that includes the sheath, sharpener, and Torq Assist—which eases bone cutting and prevents nicking the gut.  No other tools are necessary.  Let’s break it down.

Ease of Use

Not only is the FieldTorq Super Tool preferred by experienced professionals, it is also the best field dressing tool for beginners. The FieldTorq Super Tool is an all-in-one tool.  This means you always have the proper tool for the immediate task already in your hand.  All you need to do is flip the Super Tool over to become another optimized tool.  It’s that easy.  For example, holding the FieldTorq Super Tool with the longer blade on top gives you Super Tool functions.  Add the Torq Assist and now you have a bone cutting device that uses leverage like a bottle opener to cut cleanly and easily through bone.  Flip it so the longer blade is on the bottom, and you have a huge gut hook that is, by the way, resharpenable.  And adding the Torq Assist, makes nicking the gut a thing of the past.


Your hunt will often take you far off the beaten path and away from medical professionals.  Even small injuries can become life-threatening without proper medical care.  The FieldTorq Super Tool has non-stabbing, permanent blades that are self-contained, making this Super Tool much safer than any other and supporting the idea that this is the best field dressing Super Tool for beginners and seasoned pros.  Still have questions?  Click the link and find out more about why the FieldTorq Super Tool is the safest field dressing Super Tool.


Finally, the FieldTorq Super Tool is strong and dependable.  It comes with a Lifetime Warranty and holds its edge for many field dressings before resharpening.  It’s the one tool you don’t want to be without!

Bottom line?  The FieldTorq Super Tool is the best field dressing Super Tool for beginners as well as all hunters with a LOT of experience.  It’s easier, safer, and has the strength to cut bone and still hold its edge.   Don’t take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves – click here.

For more information on how to sharpen your FieldTorq Super Tool – click here.  Lose your sharpener?  No worries!  You can buy another one here!

How to Sharpen the FieldTorq Super Tool

Posted on: October 6th, 2021
how do you sharpen the FieldTorq

Proper Super Tool care is an important part of keeping your FieldTorq Super Tool performing properly and safely. A dull blade can be just as, if not more dangerous as a sharp one. After multiple uses, your FieldTorq Super Tool will dull, and you will need to sharpen it with your FieldTorq Sharpener. This may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task, but we promise it is not! How do you sharpen it, you ask? Follow these simple instructions to get your FieldTorq Super Tool back in tip-top condition. Also, check out our sharpening video here!

Step 1

First, grab the sharpening tool that came with your FieldTorq Super Tool.  Avoid using any other sharpener, as it may damage the blade. Also, if you have misplaced your sharpener, you can get a new one here!

get the sharpener tool

Step 2

Hold the Super Tool in your non-dominate hand, so the longer blade is on the bottom.

hold in non-dominate hand

Step 3

Begin by using the coarse side of the sharpener, labeled with the letter “C”.  Pull the sharpener from the tip of the longer blade to the curve.  Do not apply pressure to the sharpener!  Repetition sharpens the blade, not pressure. Now, turn the sharpener with the same motion as you would turn a key and come out the shorter blade.  Repeat this process six times.

sweep sharpener on C side

Step 4

Now use the “Fine” side of the sharpener, labeled with an “F”. Make sure to use the same motions as Step 3, starting on the long blade and moving out the shorter blade. Also, repeat this process six times.

Step 4 Label

You did it!

Congrats, your FieldTorq Super Tool is sharpened! Now you can head to the hunt, confident that your FieldTorq Super Tool is ready to go. As always, remember to be cautious and aware of the blades on your FieldTorq Super Tool when resharpening. Sharpening a Super Tool can be dangerous and cause injury. Keep the Super Tool pointed away from you when working on it. Also, remember to move consistently and slowly so you do not slip and injure yourself.

Why the FieldTorq Super Tool is the Best Super Tool for Field Dressing Big Game

Posted on: September 2nd, 2021

Best field dressing for big game

Efficient and Effective

Experienced hunters appreciate tools that produce efficient and effective results and are multi-functional. Fewer tools carried on a trek through game country mean lesser weight and strain on your muscles and your mind! When you’ve finally landed the “prize,” the work is hardly over! Now it’s time to get down to business by tackling the field dressing element of the hunt. So what is the best Super Tool for field dressing big game?

“Dressed” for Success

You may want to “dress to impress” your hunting party, or at the very least dress your game safely to avoid injury to yourself or contamination of the meat. How do you achieve this? It’s all about the type of Super Tool you use! The best Super Tool for field dressing big game should:

Quality field dressing Super Tools should be ergonomic and balanced to ensure comfort and effectiveness when using. They should be able to withstand even the task of bone-cutting to maximize efficiency. The best Super Tool for field dressing big game will be like an extra helping hand in your time of need. If you have ever heard the term “work smarter, not harder,” then you’ll understand how a multi-functional Super Tool can be a valuable asset to add to your hunting arsenal. The question remains: is there a Super Tool that can fulfill your needs and dress your game effectively? It’s time to check out the FieldTorq Super Tool!

Trained to Assist

The overall design of a FieldTorq Super Tool embraces all the features experienced hunters love in a dressing tool. With an included two-stage ceramic sharpener, non-stabbing blade tips, and a super-sized gut hook, hunters give three cheers for FieldTorq efficiency. You don’t need to waste energy or time seeking out other tools to dress your game. Instead, the all-in-one FieldTorq Super Tool accomplishes all you need and does it masterfully!

Hunters have to train themselves to follow the signs to spot their potential target. They require multiple hunting excursions to gauge their level of expertise. It takes diligence and dedication. With a FieldTorq Super Tool in hand, designed to assist your needs, your tasks are simpler, because the designer has taken the extra steps to ensure your hunt is successful, from beginning to end! Click here to discover why a FieldTorq Super Tool is the best!

The Safest Field Dressing Super Tool You’ll Ever Use

Posted on: August 4th, 2021


safest field dressingFieldTorq is an impressive field dressing tool designed to incorporate hide cutting, bone cutting, and skinning functions – much better than a traditional hunting Super Tool. There is one additional  design feature that make this field dressing tool even more unique – safety. Due to its curved design, the FieldTorq is arguably the safest field dressing Super Tool on the market today.

Two Types of Field Dressing Safety.

We are going to break down safety into two separate categories: personal injury safety, and harvest safety, both of which FieldTorq wins in the safest field dressing Super Tool category.

Harvest Safety

When field dressing a deer or other animal, it’s imperative that you avoid making certain mistakes. If you are new to field-dressing large game, you might not be aware of these mistakes.

It all comes down to avoiding critical organs and areas when using a blade. The bladder, colon, large intestines, small intestines, and stomach are all areas that you need to avoid. If you were to puncture the bladder, intestines, or any of these fragile organs, you could release fluids that can result in meat contamination.

The FieldTorq Super Tool has a rounded design with no exposed sharp tips like traditional hunting Super Tools. This design feature lessens the likelihood of cutting into or puncturing these organs. This is particularly important in low light conditions by taking the guesswork out of the process when it’s difficult to see where you are cutting.

Personal Injury

Field dressing a deer can create a cut risk, especially when your hands are cold or you have to reach in with both hands having a Super Tool in one hand.

It doesn’t take much more than a brief distraction like staring at the giant rack or a buddy commenting on the buck’s old war wound for you to end up cutting yourself and causing an emergency in the field.

For the same reason that the FieldTorq Super Tool is the safest field dressing Super Tool in the harvest category, it’s also the safest field dressing Super Tool in the personal injury category. There are no sharp points.  and the cutting blade faces away from you diminishing the cut risk to your hands or fingers.

You can run your hand along all outside edges of this field dressing tool, and you will not get cut. If that’s not a testament to being the safest field dressing Super Tool on the market, nothing is.

Safety is our #1 Priority

We take safety in the field very seriously and that is why we designed the FieldTorq Super Tool the way we did.   You wouldn’t risk sitting in a swaying tree 20 feet above the ground without a safety harness.  Why would you risk it when it comes to your field dressing tools? A FieldTorq Super Tool will get the job done in the blink of an eye and do it safely.  Make the most innovative and safest field dressing Super Tool part of your hunting kit today.

Why FieldTorq Super Tools are the Best Big Game Field Dressing Tools

Posted on: July 7th, 2021

why supertools are the bestIf you are unfamiliar with the design of the FieldTorq Super Tool, you’ll think it looks like an oversized can opener…and you would be partially right.  The gut hook shape is exactly that with the longer blade under the skin. Flip it over and now it looks like a can-opener that is ideal for cutting through pelvic and sternum bones.  It works effortlessly on every big game animal, even elk!  It all makes perfect sense when you see the FieldTorq Super Tool in action.


The can opener look is more than just unique. The design helps make field dressing faster, easier, and cleaner. Additionally, you no longer need extra tools that can be bulky, heavy, and an extra thing to clean.  The FieldTorq Super Tool will smoothly cut the pelvic and sternum bones with reliable can-opener-like precision without nicking the bladder, making it the only field dressing knife in this category.

Multi-Functional Big Game Field Dressing Tool

This All-in-One capability puts the FieldTorq Super Tool in a class of its own.  See what other hunters are saying.

Fixed Blade

The FieldTorq Super Tool has a fixed continuous radius blade that you never have to worry about breaking, losing, or not being able to sharpen. It’s made of 8CR14MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel and expertly heat treated to 58 Rockwell. It will stay sharp for up to 20 field dressings before it needs to be resharpened and it comes with a sharpener for easy resharpening.

Orange handle set Deer Field dressing toolsAccessories and Handle Options

Not only does the FieldTorq Super Tool do the job of multiple field dressing tools, but it also comes with everything you need, including a premium genuine leather or nylon sheath, a ceramic sharpener, and a Torq Assist. All parts are interchangeable and replacement accessories are readily available from the manufacturer’s website.

There are three handle options to choose from as well. Choose between a beautiful dark wood grain Pakkawood handle; a durable high visibility blaze orange made of Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN); or the beautiful, natural-looking synthetic Stag version with a premium genuine leather sheath for the ultimate classic look in a modern design.

Bottom Line?

From gutting, bone-cutting, and skinning, one tool does it all safer, faster, and cleaner than any other knife.   The FieldTorq Super Tool has it all. Order yours today!

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